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We’re are living in an information age with more and more brands, more media channels, more content and more resources than ever before. But on a personal level, all this results simply in more noise.

How is all of that working? What amount of time and knowledge is necessary to separate right from wrong? What works best for my specific needs?

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GPM Sports – Your Career

Alongside NBA Superstar Dennis Schröder, we’re eager to share our knowledge and experience to help professional athletes and upcoming talents promoting their career in sports, music or the arts, without them constantly being concerned about doing the right things and making the best next moves. The purpose of our work is to improve personal service and to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable.


What are your goals, what’s your objective, what can you reach in the future. Where is your market?


You are more than just a trademark. But it is hard work to develop your own brand.


We attend you from the first interest talks to the final contract signings.


How to find the best partners and what you have to take care of when signing a deal.